Insurance. Establishing a digital culture with video

How video can help solve digitisation challenges

Digitisation means much more than technological change. Insurers should commit to new and improved ways of working and serving the customer, with employees who are trained and motivated to work in a digital environment. Digitasation should start from within the company, increasing collaboration and flow of information.

Part of this process includes breaking down silos so that you can maximise the impact of the skills that already exist in your organisation. A recent study found that businesses lack internal collaboration, and that their efforts to foster more internal collaboration are focused simply on optimising physical spaces.
Bringing in the video technology into everyday life of the company decreases employee churn rate. Our study shows that introducing a video technology with alerts pushed to employees’ email addresses and work phones increases engagement rates by 60%.
What type of internal video communications can you find in large organisations?


Interviewbot Video Recorder Front-end
Some organisations often have a significant enough turnover or they run graduate programmes that require a more efficient recruitment process. Adopting a secure video recording technology for interviews makes the process much faster and much more transparent. One of our clients processed 8000 video requests within 4 weeks to select only 100 applicants for the next round of face-to-face interviews. By looking at the aggregated data from the reports the client was surprised how many applicants were coming from remote locations and was delighted to make the interviewing process much more convenient for them.

CEO and management communications

Enabling higher management to send company news via video has been a tremendous success for our clients in terms of open rate reaching 75% view through-rate for mobile video alerts. Delivering company news in such a personal way has had a great effect on people’s moral.
Often managers choose video to send very important messages to make sure that they get opened. This in turn increases productivity and collaboration.

On demand training

Companies often hire consultants to give training on a particular subject. Managers have found that parsing long training session into bite-size videos has been much more beneficial. Having archives of on demand training videos that are easily distributed by managers and accessed by employees has brought professionalism to the next level.


Events Video Front-end
Companies are starting to organise more and more closed and open events where they invite interesting speakers. Events managers love sending post-event comms to those who came and those who didn’t to distribute highlights, to thank the participants and to announce upcoming sessions.

You can find more information on use of video for corporate communications in this blog post.


Accenture Infographic. Expectations vs Experience