Private Mobile Video Apps For Enterprise

All your video, in one app, fully controlled by you -- distributed how you want, when you want and to whom you want.

It's Your Private Mobile Video Channel!

Do you want to help your customers with How-to videos?
Do you want to privately distribute educational or corporate content to your employees?
Or perhaps you want an app with all video recordings from you brand-sponsored event?

Videobot Mobile Apps For Enterprise are the fastest and easiest way for you to do that -- privately and securely. With no cat videos attached.

Request a demo now and we will get you up and running within 24 hours.

Easy content management

Your private mobile video application comes equipped with a fully featured video Content Management System.

VBOT CMS makes it easy to manage even the largest collection of video. We provide you with an easy to use interface which will allow you to upload video directly or import entire video archives, manage your assets, set up monetisation features, if required, and, at a glance, control the performance of your content.

The CMS has been created for multi-user access, with various publication rights making collaboration really easy even for a remote team.

Measure Performance with Real Time Video Analytics

Thanks to VBOT's unique video performance analytics you can justify every cent you spend - in real time!

The integrated VBOT analytics engine lets you effectively track ROI using very precise metrics:
- Number of views across channels
- Popscore - video popularity based on social reach
- View rate - average % of videos watched
- Direct Revenue Per View
- Video View Conversion Rate

Thanks to optional social (Twitter, Facebook, Yammer) or other OAuth-based user identification you know exactly who when and where watched your video.