New call-to-action opportunities for banking

The driving force of advertising are Calls-To-Action, or CTAs for short. CTAs play an important role for both the people sending the message and those receiving it. The former put in words the desired outcome and thereby can measure how effective their ad has been while the latter can see what next steps need to be taken to extract the value promised in the ad.

It all sounds very simple and logical: companies tell their customers what to do and the happy consumers press that button or dial that number. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Today, when our expectations of user experience are sky high and the average level of attention span is below that of a goldfish (8.25 sec compared to 9 sec!), banks and other financial services are failing to bridge the gap between their CTAs and the technology.
Below are the three most common calls-to-action identified in the current video marketing campaigns posted with free video platforms.


“Call us on …” and the magic numbers appear on the screen. If you are watching this ad on your mobile, there is no easy way of performing the action. But let’s assume there was a convenient button underneath to quickly dial the number. Chances are you won’t, unless you have time to spare until you get transferred to the right person.


A personalised video messaging solution will allow you to insert mobile friendly call-to-action buttons and customise them according to the right needs and geo-locations, without changing the video.

Additionally, as they are highly secure and compliant with all the regulations, such video solutions can offer a call-back option from the right specialist.

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Another banks’ favourite is “drop in” which can also be followed by “and ask us about…”. Drop in where exactly? What time? Who exactly do I ask? These are the questions popping up in the viewer’s head.


With a personalised video solution, a bank can always insert a convenient button “make an appointment” that will offer a choice of day, time and location and will send a reminder with a map by sms or e-mail the day before the appointment or even an option to cancel or reschedule.

In the case of a video that advertises several locations, for example a few new branch locations, it’s easy to insert several buttons, each giving a map and directions to each one.

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Some of the most viewable videos turn out to be the ones advertising a bank’s app. They are often very engaging and showcase how easy it is to use one. At the end of each video there is always a picture of a button to the app or play store and an encouraging voice saying “Try it today!” or “Download now!” It all sounds very well implemented, except “downloading it now” is at least three steps away!


Personalized videos allow your customer to get to the banking app straight away. The system can identify what operating system the video is being played on and offer the right option. Moreover, such a solution will have analytics on which video brought more downloads, which in turn will help produce more videos with a high conversion rate.

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In today’s high-paced world, convenient calls-to-action are the fastest way to make a conversion and increase customer satisfaction. It’s time to take banking video campaigns to the next level with the right personalised video solution. Interested? Email us at and our Vbot specialist will get back to you today!