The VBOT TV platform for the enterprise is a secure, mobile-centric suite of fully integrated professional video solutions.

The platform enables fast and cost-effective deployment of tailored video apps and workflows: marketing, promos, how-to videos for products, outreach videos, productivity.

VBOT TV has been built with the enterprise in mind, allowing for easy integration into the existing company workflows and procedures, due to its efficient and extensive set of APIs. For easy integration and scalability, the workflows have been pre-set for a range of audiences, public or private content distribution channels, and multiple devicesl; mobile, web and smart TV.

Video commerce
Video sells. We help our customers sell more products and services with VBOT’s unique set of personalised, actionable video solutions.

Video Apps For Conferences & Corporate Events
Engage, entertain, activate and monetise your audience before, during and after the event

Private Mobile Video Apps For Enterprise
All your video, in one app, fully controlled by you — distributed how you want, when you want and to whom you want.

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A complete video archive of the event – easy to browse, share and interact with. Ideal solution for conferences, festivals, music and sports events. A unique opportunity to reach out beyond the event, maximising revenues and brand publishing across social networks .

Video Apps For Conferences & Corporate Events
See how Videobot solutions can help you engage, entertain and activate your audience.

Videobot’s Video applications for events come fully equipped with powerful video commerce features to help you sell more tickets, books, memorabilia or collect subscriptions.

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  • Broadcasting and video recording for small, ad-hoc and multi-venue events.
  • Rapid deployment and reduced production cost, democratising professional mobile video production.
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Videobot offers a SaaS inspection platform for companies that need to perform on-site inspection and create and store documentation for further approval, reporting and compliance purposes.

Insurance, building and utilities companies to name a few benefit from this easy to use and powerful solution that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows.

  • Inspector or customer takes a video
  • Fills out a claim or report
  • The video is instantly sent to the decision making unit
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VBOT Health TV for hospitals and healthcare organisations can enhance delivery of care at a distance between patients, clinicians, and specialists. VBOT mobile-centric video software integrates high-definition video recording and playback applications to enable convenient access to efficient patient care.

From video training material for nurses, through patient pre-assessments recorded on their mobile phones to personalised video physiotherapy programmes – VBOT Health TV provides flexibility, safety and full control of video assets.

The VBOT Healthcare Video Platform for medical institutions provides:

  • configurable workflows for quick, highly secure and scalable deployment
  • selection of pre-set interoperable video application endpoints
  • integrated workflow features such as video recording, playback, point-t0-point content delivery and real time activity alerts
  • enterprise level of security, privacy, access control and reporting

Patient remote evaluation and pre-visit assessment

Patient pre-assessments recorded on their mobile phones are becoming increasingly vital in a world where doctors are in short supply, costs are on the rise and communities lack access to care. Healthcare professionals get an early visual preview of patient’s condition, before or instead of their visit to the clinic.

Personalised physiotherapy training programmes

VBOT CMS makes it easy to deliver highly personalised physiotherapy training programmes to patients using mobile video applications. Mobile video capture features allow the patients to remotely record mobility assessment exercises and deliver them securely to their physiotherapist and physician. This solution is particularly effective in management of chronic diseases and patient rehabilitation processes.

Medical staff training and education

Video-enabled training exposes healthcare professionals and students to a greater variety of cases, experts, and treatment scenarios that can be gathered and shared among hospitals, medical schools and research centers around the world. Video-enabled training is more convenient, accessible and affordable than ever before.

Disaster response

When disaster strikes, a rapid and coordinated response can save lives. Effective disaster response requires extensive planning and training, expert triage and real-time assessment, and strong communications between first responders, area hospitals and trauma centers. Video collaboration plays an important role in an effective disaster response.

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Sell more products with powerful video commerce solutions fully Integrated with your ecommerce platform of choice.

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VBOT Learning TV has been designed for engaging interactions between content providers and learners.  The platform formats videos for interactive learning and comes equipped with with detailed video consumption analytics information such completed views, curated comments, and in-group sharing features across social networks.

Learning TV has well-designed interfaces optimized for tablets, smartphones, TVs, and laptops.

The system comes with a unique Video Curation & Delivery feature for personalised distant access to educational video material. The content owners, teachers or coaches can set different level of access rights to various users and user groups.

The system has been optimised for both free and paid premium video content, based on subscriptions.

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