Video Apps For Conferences & Corporate Events

Engage, entertain, activate and monetise your audience before, during and after the event!

Below are 5 reasons why your next event can be the best one so far.

REASON ONE: Get a complete video archive of the event

Easy to browse, share and interact with. Ideal solution for conferences, festivals, music and sports events. A unique opportunity to reach out beyond the event, maximising revenues and brand publishing across social networks .

Videobot's Content Management System makes it easy to manage even the largest collection of video. We provide you with an easy to use interface which will allow you to upload video directly or import entire video archives, manage your assets, set up monetisation features (if required), and, at a glance, control the performance of your content. The CMS has been created for multi-user access, with various publication rights making collaboration really easy, even for a remote team.

REASON TWO: Social Steroids for Your Event

Out of the box, the VBOT TV solution for events leads to a high level amplification effect – selected videos or their trailers are automatically published to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for a double-dose of visibility and sharing.

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. With extensive social sharing features built right into the core of the VBOT mobile video apps, you can drive sales online like never before.

By the way, your video keeps all the powerful monetisation features, as it travels through social media -- when it's shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or embedded on a 3rd party website or blog post.

REASON THREE: Engage the Audience like Never Before

Fully controlled Audience Generated Video channels, providing the most authentic impression – empowering the audience to actively engage in the co-creation of a unique, one-on-one experience.

VBOT Mobile Recorder apps make it easy for your audience to login using their Twitter or Facebook account (geo-fenced to the event location), shoot, upload and publish videos in a matter of seconds.

With our solution, high quality UGC comes to you in real time, verified and ready to go.

REASON FOUR: Generate extra revenue with video commerce

Videobot's mobile video apps offer plenty of ways for you to generate revenue with your content.

Starting with built in advertising features through to subscriptions, and on to direct sales via our specialised video commerce modules that are available right out of the box:

- Video Commerce End Cards with dynamic CTAs
- "Buy Now" Buttons
- Video Overlay Shopping Cards

Video makes your offering more attractive to sponsors and advertisers, and will help drive the sales of merchandise, tickets and subscriptions.

REASON FIVE: Measure, learn and improve!

Thanks to VBOT's unique video analytics you can closely monitor the performance of your video channels - in real time!

Integrated VBOT analytics engine lets you effectively track ROI using very precise metrics:
- Number of views across channels
- Popscore - video popularity based on social reach
- View rate - average % of videos watched
- Direct Revenue Per View
- Video View Conversion Rate