Increase Conversion by 30% and Average Order Value by 13%

Sell more products with powerful video commerce solutions fully integrated with your ecommerce platform of choice.

The proof is in the video

Capitalising on growing customers' trust, confidence and focused attention -- properly used, video with a clear call to action, makes a shopper as much as 5 times likely to purchase a product.

Content and commerce convergence is here. Brands can now perform storytelling and selling in one functional platform. Video isn't only about engagement it's mainly about driving sales by telling a compelling story about a product or service. Shoppers are more sophisticated than ever. They require a complete, on-demand product information before they make a purchase decision.

Video on product pages can greatly increase conversion. According to Internet Retailer, consumers who view a video are 85% more likely to buy than those who don't. Product pages with video increase conversion by 30% and shopping cart totals by 13% according to a report by think tank L2.

Hosted, Secure and Configurable

VBOT is a fully hosted, secure and configurable video platform that has been built from the ground up with one purpose in mind - to make it easy for our customers to quickly and effectively launch simple, secure and scalable video in the cloud commerce solutions.

Integrated video stores or single videos can be easily embedded into shopping websites, product pages or syndicated to third party websites or social media.

More importantly you are in a full control of all your video assets, channels, calls to action and you can drive the revenue with confidence and ease.

We tell our customers that it's not You Tube any more, its YouR Tube, and they get it!

Smart Shopping Tools for Web and Mobile

VBOT is the most flexible video commerce platform, easy to be tailored to sophisticated needs of modern marketers and retailers. Our customers can instantly start selling with video, thanks to our specialised video commerce modules available right out of the box;

- Video Commerce End Cards with dynamic CTAs
- "Buy Now" Buttons (optionally with Instant Checkout)
- Video Overlay Shopping Cards

Optional modules available within the VBOT Platform for more complex integrations include;
- Dedicated eCommerce Mobile Apps
- Mobile Recording Apps to publish videos directly to the store
- video Customer Satisfaction Index features

Measure ROI with Real Time Video Performance Analytics

Video commerce usually requires a significant investment. VBOT platform, due to its clever architecture makes it easy for you to quickly deploy a fully featured video commerce solution and start selling straight away.

Thanks to VBOT's unique video performance analytics you can justify every dollar spent.

Integrated VBOT analytics engine in real time lets you effectively track ROI using very precise, real time metrics;
- Number of views across channels
- Popscore - video popularity based on social reach
- View rate - average % of videos watched
- Direct Revenue Per View
- Video View Conversion Rate

Drive ROI Through Extended Distribution

Your customers want to watch, shop and share your videos. With extensive social sharing features built right into the core of the VBOT shopping solution, you can drive sales online like never before.

Your video keeps all the powerful ecommerce features, as it travels through social media -- when it's shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or embedded on a 3rd party website or blog post.