Video for a better living – Videobot a part of the SpONSOR R&D Consortium

We are happy to have joined the SpONSOR project research and development consortium.

SpONSOR aims at developing, testing and implementing an ICT platform that facilitates the posting, browsing and exchange of key information between competence-offering seniors and search-based requests, from competence-demanding organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

SpONSOR, will significantly enhance senior persons’ access to a wide range of occupational positions, thus meeting the AAL call 6 goal for supporting sense-making and the well-being of seniors in occupational environments whenever possible. SpONSOR is funded under the AAL JP initiative.

Videobot’s video solutions are perfectly suited for high security standards, privacy and compliance needs of healthcare organisations. Videobot provides SpONSOR platform with interactive video technology to enable easy profile creation by the seniors as well as for creation, publishing and delivery of training videos to seniors.